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One of the leading supply chain managers of Premium Quality Cashew Kernels- Nikhil Mercantile Private Limited was founded in 2007 with the processing unit located at Udupi (Karnataka). We specialize in purchasing, processing and trading of high-quality cashew kernels for wholesale and retail customers around the world.

The company is a part of Renowned Global Group Valency International PTE Limited, Singapore ( with 100% holding in February 2018. Nikhil Mercantile Private Limited is an ISO 22000-2005 certified which ensures food safety for all its customers and consumers.

Having established an extensive global reach, we have evolved high-quality sourcing networks directly with farm-gate providers and its inhouse combined processing facility. Our diversified portfolio of products includes Agro & Consumer Goods like Raw Cashew Nuts, Cashew Kernels, Ginger, Sesame, Pigeon Peas, Chickpeas, Black Eye Beans, Soybean, Grains & Pulses.

We are committed to carefully preparing processed raw cashew kernels, packaged cashew snacks and other cashew-based food products.


We feel honoured to have built and nurtured decades of deep local relationships and supply chain network nationwide. Our teams are empowered by the strong presence on the ground at procurement, manufacturing & distribution centres.


The culture in Nikhil Mercantile places a strong emphasis on fulfilling the needs of their customers, partners and suppliers, and at the same time strengthening long-term relationships with them.



We Go Above and Beyond

Our Vision

We strive for continuous achievement and Sustainable growth for all stakeholders & shareholders in line with our group ambition.

We significantly focus on growing relationships among providers and clients to offer exceptional value in terms of quality, performance, consistency and continuity of business, product & structural improvement and long time relationships.

Our Strength

Our strengths provide us with the competitive edge from all our competitors. The combination of all our strengths beneath lets in us to offer most pride to our customers and allows us to be their desired partner.
• Full Integrated Supply Chain Managers with integrated Processing Facility
• 700+ Highly Skilled Workers (Direct and Job works)
• 1500+ MT RCN monthly processing capability
• Global presence in procurement & distribution
• Continuously adding new products and brands
• In house R&D centre with experienced professionals
• Online quality inspection at each stage of processing
• Bulk suppliers to various brands
• Continuous Growth Plans


To be diligent and take pride in all that we do as a company, achieving excellence in our business operations, products and brands.


To provide opportunities for our exceptional people to build their capabilities, creating a good impact in the communities where we operate and through our other philanthropic work.


To value ourselves & each other, thereby gaining respect for ourselves and from others.

We conduct business in an ethical and upstanding manner by simply living our values every day. Our values address every aspect of our business and are the foundation of our corporate policies & procedures.

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