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Cashew Kernels

Our competitive edge lies in the supply chain control of Raw Cashew Nuts (RCN) and various agricultural products. We procure them from the best origins worldwide and bring them to our production house. With splendid origination capabilities, we've constructed a sturdy presence in Africa and Asia and are one of the top Asia supply chain managers in West Africa.

The key to our African competitiveness and fulfilment is our presence at farm gate and interior areas of Africa and our distinctly certified control inspectors that make certain rigorous quality and logistic controls at origins. To reap this, we've invested hugely in international standard drying facilities and warehousing logistics in diverse upcountry areas of West Arica. This permits our produce to be properly dried thus mitigating the risks that arise from moisture and sustain the consistency of standard in every shipment.

We keep striving to be the best cashew managers by expanding its roots, growing its investments and is presently pursuing forward and backward integration through growing processing provisions at origins.

Our Offerings

Sesame Seeds

We are devoted supply chain managers of Sesame from African Countries to numerous nations in Asia including India.

Our emphasis on purchasing high-quality merchandise from the origins and cleansing it to fulfil clients call holds us in proper stead with  recognition for premium quality sesame shipments.

We can deliver Sesame from Nigeria, Burkina Faso, Mali, Senegal and Ethiopia. Our investments in cleaning plant assure consistency of product and our ground presence facilitates in the reliability of logistics and making sure well-timed shipments.


We are also one of the largest dealers of soybean from India. We have direct tie-ups with soybean providers and producers. As a worldwide dealer of soybean we ensure excellent best soybean from excellent imparting countries.

Beans & pulses

The Indian subcontinent is the main importer of Pulses in the world. For lakhs of Indians who live in poverty, pulses constitute their staple protein diet. There is likewise a big call for  Pulses from Burma, which is our nearest exporter.

We offer many varieties of pulses as listed below.

  1. White pea beans

  2. Kabuli chick peas

  3. Desi chick peas

  4. Niger seeds

  5. Green mung beans

  6. Red Kidney Beans

  7. Maize Corn

  8. Soya Beans

  9. Groundnuts

  10. Spices

Raw Cashew Nuts

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