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Corporate social responsibility


A Critical Control Point (CCP) system is in place to ensure the highest quality of cashews.

Strict hygienic environment, machines and work processes during the processing of nuts.

Processing time from steaming to the packaging of finished products is strictly less than 12 days

Fumigation before tin & flexi packing infused with CO2+ Nitrogen gas.


We ensure the best working conditions for 700+ workers.

Education support and training to hardworking rural women and their families so that they earn a sustainable income.

A water treatment plant provides pure drinking water for all workers.

Free healthy & hygienic food is served in canteen throughout the day.


We use Environmental friendly processing technology.

We also Undertake efficient, waste-free energy initiatives.

We recycle the cashew nut wood & shell cake to burn the boiler in place of coal as a cleaner and greener alternative to coal. This allows us to save about 7000 MT of coal per annum.

CNSL (Cashew Nut Shell Liquid) has innumerable applications and we have built processes to safely

We are committed to sustainability and community welfare. Our business model views stakeholders as workers and communities as partners. To be socially responsible, we made us accountable and adopted such CSR Programs to grow our business to the point where we can give back to society.

Our CSR initiatives are categorized in the following to ensure the development of each segment of society.

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